Booking & Deposits 

Once a booking is accepted by both parties, that being Move Sports, the event organiser, Move Sports we will then send a booking form with the terms and conditions to be completed, signed and returned as early as possible. The booking form should be returned to Move Sports together with the deposit as stated on the final quote. The quoted price takes into account a minimum number of people travelling, please be aware that surcharges may be applied in cases of under-occupancy. Please be aware that until a booking is received and payment has cleared Move Sports cannot secure the booking. Once a booking form and deposit has been received the tour is secured.


Fixture Appropriate 

Move Sports always endeavours to organise the very best sports arrangements possible for the Portugal Rugby Festival as we have a wealth of experience in arranging fixtures for all ability levels. European qualifying birth dates for schools & youths are different to those teams based in the UK and North America and so Move Sports places great importance on making sure that similar age groups are matched up equally according to age categories.

Move Sports cannot be held liable for the cancellation of matches due to circumstances outside of our control including weather conditions, league commitments or any other factor. If the tournament is cancelled for any reason, Move sports reserves the right to re-arrange a fixture at another appropriate date within the touring dates duration or arrange a fixture with another opponent not previously mentioned. Please ensure that all local rules and regulations are respected and promptness for all matches is adhered to.



Move Sports will inform, in writing, the training camp organiser the payment dates for deposits and final payments once the Portugal Rugby Festival price has been agreed. Total payment is normally due no later than 30 days before the touring dates departure, however if is only booked 8 weeks prior to departure then payment must be made in full. If the group have requested extras for a ticketed event such as a football match, theme park or theatre show, tickets will need to be paid for upfront and are not refundable.

Please see below the standard payment schedule: 

Payment due dates  Percentage Payment to be made 
Deposit 30%
180 days prior to departure 20%
30 days prior to departure Remaining 50%

If payment is not received on time, a member of the Move Sports team will get in contact with the group organiser to resolve the issue and avoid cancellation. If payments are not made after this contact, Move Sports reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled by the group organiser. In this case Move Sports will be entitled to keep all deposits paid or due at that time. If Move Sports do not cancel straight away because of promises made of payments, cancellation charges will still apply depending on the date Move Sports reasonably treat the booking as cancelled.

Please note that Move Sports agreement with suppliers require that deposits are made for touring groups arrangements at various times. If Move Sports do not pay the suppliers that are to be used in conjunction with the touring dates as requested, the supplier has the right to cancel. Therefore, even if Move Sports do not cancel straight away because promises have been made by the group organiser, please be aware that the supplier may cancel the booking and Move Sports will have no liability towards the group and the organiser. This situation will be treated as being cancelled by the group organiser and thus liable for the cancellation charges due at the date the booking is cancelled.

It is the group organisers’ responsibility to have complete and final numbers and inform Move Sports no less than 4 weeks prior to departure. If additional persons have been added, all appropriate deposits must be made at the time of submitting the finals numbers. If you alter the number of people travelling, the total tour price will be altered accordingly and we will issue a supplementary pro-forma invoice for the revised total amount. If however, the group size is reduced it will result in an increase of price per person to the remaining passengers.

Payment can be made by cheque (made payable to Move Sports Lda.) or preferably Bank transfer. Note that all prices are at the local currency of Euros and Move Sports need to receive in the currency quoted and the exact amount. Move Sports are not reasonable for costs that may occur whilst bank transfers are made and/or converting to the local currency of Euros.



Move Sports insists that all clients are fully insured for every tour. The group organiser must arrange suitable travel insurance that provides the group with equal or greater cover in respect of:

  1. Cancellation or curtailment of the tour due to accident, sickness or redundancy
  2. Personal accident and personal liability
  3. Medical expenses
  4. Personal effects and money
  5. Playing and participating in sport.

Travel insurance is especially important if the group are booking their own flights as Move Sports cannot refund any tours cancelled due to flight delays or cancellations.

In addition to travel insurance, it is advised that all Europeans should have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) (E111 equivalent). The EHIC cards take around 3 weeks to be delivered so please apply well in advance. Please leave at least 10 weeks to obtain all these documents. Please mention at time of enquiry whether any members of your group have any special needs or requirements including physical, dietary or any other.


Financial Security

Move Sport LDA is a fully licensed & insured tour operator: License 1380/06, under the stipulation of the Portuguese Tourism Board (DGT-Direcção Geral de Turismo). This license provides Move Sports not only with preferential operator rates but provides the legislation of civil responsibility insurance from the Company of Seguros Fidelidade Mundial and a commitment of DGT with the Bank Banco Espírito Santo.

Therefore, Move Sports complies with all Portuguese government travel regulations and EC Package travel directives. In accordance with Portuguese Law all passengers booking with Move Sports are fully insured for the initial deposit and subsequently, the balance of all monies paid, arising from the cancellation or curtailment of the groups travel arrangements due to the insolvency of Move Sports Lda. This insurance has been arranged Seguros Fidelidade Mundial.



Move Sports provides memorable tours to Portugal and offer a superb selection of accommodation, sports facilities, leisure resorts and tailor-made tours for all sports teams. As such we only work with the most reliable service providers in the region and we have the best connections with sports clubs in the region.

However, if a problem should occur whilst attending a training camp, the group organiser must highlight the situation to Move Sports immediately so that action can be taken straight away. Move Sports will explore all complaint issues meticulously and will aim to resolve the situation adequately. Additionally Move Sports provides a 24-hour emergency phone number whereby a Move Sport representative can be contacted to help resolve any issues, should a situation arise outside or normal hours.

Should the complaint not be mentioned at the time of the tour or the complaint has not been dealt with satisfactory then the group organiser should put it in writing to Move Sports no later than 28 days after the tour has concluded.

Failure to follow the above procedure may result in a reduction or extinction of any rights the group may have to claim compensation from Move Sports


Prices and Surcharges 

Prices quoted by Move Sports for a group are correct at the time of publication however, Move Sports reserves the right to change these prices due to increases in costs of products or services. We will, however, absorb up to 2% of any increase in the price of the tour and will not impose surcharges less than 2 weeks before tour departure. Check the quote sheet for the number of days that the quote is valid for and please return a booking form and deposits before this deadline or a new quote will need to be issued.



If the behaviour of any group member or the groups as a whole is such in Move Sports opinion or in the opinion of our suppliers and it is likely to be disruptive or dangerous or in breach of any applicable local laws, if the group organiser or any other group member or the group as a whole appear unfit to travel by virtue of incapacity through drugs or alcohol, Move Sports reserve the right, in the absolute discretion of ourselves, or any relevant supplier to terminate immediately the provision of tour arrangements for the individual person or the group as a whole. This will include any return travel arrangements and in this event neither Move Sports nor the suppliers shall be liable for any compensation or refund or reimbursement of expenses. Additionally, Move Sports reserve the right to cancel or terminate the tour without refund, compensation or reimbursement of expenses where:

  1. The group organiser or the group have failed to disclose all material facts that are required by the booking form and these booking conditions or
  2. The group organiser or the group have made a materially false statement on the booking form or
  3. Persons other than the group members are found in the occupancy of the accommodation.


Damage to Resort Property 

Any damages or breakages caused by the group individual or a group member or the group as a whole whether accidentally or otherwise, or compensation to the host club should the group decide not to attend one of the arranged matches, must be paid directly to the supplier at the destination.



Unfortunately, cancellation charges will occur if the tour is cancelled. All deposits are non-refundable. All cancellations of tours must be made in writing by the group organiser and sent to Move Sports Lda at the address below. Cancellation charges are as follows:

Amount of time before departure  Percentage of tour non-refundable 
From booking Deposit
28 days prior to departure 50%
14-27 days prior to departure 75%
2 weeks or less prior to departure 100%


Tour Organiser's Responsibilities

As a group organiser, it is your responsibility to:

  • Complete booking form on behalf of the group;
  • Make deposit and final payment on time;
  • Ensure that the group have up to date passports, all Visa requirements are met and EHICs have been obtained in time;
  • Keep your group well-informed with information given by Move Sports;
  • Arrive promptly for transfers, matches, events or departures;
  • Inform Move Sports of any changes;
  • Ensure that the group adhere to Portuguese laws and regulations of Move Sports and its suppliers.


Losses and Damage 

The training camp organiser or any group member or the group as a whole, agree to indemnify Move Sports for all losses and/or damage suffered by Move Sports and/or the suppliers arising from any act or default on the part of the training camp organiser, any group individual or the group as a whole.


Force Majeure 

Except where otherwise expressly stated in these conditions, Move Sports cannot accept liability or pay any compensation where the performance or prompt performance of Move Sports obligations under the contract with the group organiser or group is prevented or affected by or otherwise suffer any damage or loss as a result of “force majeure”. Force Majeure means unusual and foreseeable circumstances beyond Move Sports control, the consequences of which neither Move Sports or the suppliers of the services in question could not, even with all due care, foresee or avoid. Such events may include war or threat of war, riots; civil strife, terrorist’s activities, industrial disputes, natural disasters, fire or adverse weather conditions and all similar events beyond our control.



Move Sports do not accept liability for death or bodily injury to you or any member of your group unless it is the proven fault of a member of Move Sports staff, representative, agent or supplier. Move Sports can accept no liability for unforeseen circumstances beyond the control of the company or its members of staff including flight delays/cancellations or force majeure.